Monday, 12 May 2014

The making of a celebrity :)

About four months ago the owners of New Deal Athletics asked if I would let them shoot a video around my story. Apparently some people think that what I'm doing is inspirational and want to hear about it. In all honesty I still have trouble believing that people want to hear my story but I'm a pretty open book so I agreed. This isn't a paid spot, I do get some clothing out of the deal, but I really believe in what the company stands for. They are committed to making good clothing at fair prices, and giving a portion of their profits to charity. All of the things I can appreciate.


At the time I had NO IDEA how much work went into shooting something like this. The minute long spot literally took hours and hours to shoot. It was a really neat experience to watch the cameramen work on getting their angles and the shots they wanted. These guys were pros and it was a fun experience. The hardest part for me was repeating my lines to get them just right. "Can you say it an just emphasize the third word." Or "say that again but like you're really proud." I'm a teacher, not a professional actor of stage and screen, but I did my best.


I think what I really underestimated was exactly how much footage they would need for just a few seconds that were good enough to appear in the final cut. On the day we shot the running scenes I thought we were going to run for about five minutes or so, so I still did my full workout earlier in the day. After an hour and fifteen minutes of running past the camera I was tapped. My absolute favourite was, "that was really good.... but we weren't rolling." AAAAAHHH!!!


One of the best parts of exercising on camera is how focused you become on your form. Am I landing correctly? Is my knee drive good? Am I bouncing in the saddle? Jeeeez, holding good form for that long is really a challenge but MAN I looked good.

I had the opportunity to show a few colleagues a rough draft of the video and they asked if that was real sweat or did they just spritz me with water to make it look good. Hahaha, no. That was the real deal. They just told me to go through my regular workout and they would work around me. 75 minutes later I was looking at my watch thinking, "I'm dooooooone, but you're still shooooooting." So I assure, every drop of sweat you see in that video was the real McCoy.


When I arrived for the swimming shots I was shocked to realize I'd left my trunks at home. I did, however, have a pair of compression shorts I could throw on. They looked alright in the water but the walk out to the pool they were a little more revealing than I would have liked. You haven't seen somebody this big shuffle that quickly on a pool deck. But my covert mission was a success and I got into the pool without blinding anyone.


When I finally got to see the finished product I was stunned at what an amazing job they'd done with it. I wish for them that I was better looking but, hey, I did the best I could with what I've got :)

Please check out their website at and get yourself some great athletic clothing and support charities.

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