Monday, 2 February 2015

Every Time a Door Closes a New One Opens

This has been a tough week for me. I thought I would be returning to work with the exception of every 2nd Monday and Tuesday. In my heart of hearts I didn't think this plan would get rejected but I was shocked to find out this morning that my school and schoold district could not support my return to work plan.

I'm not sure everyone completely understands teachers. It is not your usual job. It is a  job that is a part of what your are. The connections and differences you make in the lives of young people are powerful. I think that's why I'm taking this rejection so hard.
Leaving that meeting I've never felt more like a person with cancer. Alone, tired and seemingly useless. I walked in the front door of my house and just crashed into my recliner.
Then the phone rang. You may or may not have read about my plan to go to races across Canada and speak to people about screening and prevention of cancer in younger athletic populations. I'm calling it the #cancercanthackett tour and it's quite a passion of mine. The phone call was from clothing supplier Sugoi. They are impressed by my venture and have agreed to do custom clothing for my tour. Additionally, they are going to use their race sponsor status to get me in to Ironman Arizona. The race I was supposed to do in November that sold out before it even went online for registration.
After hanging up the phone I went onto Twitter and the first story that popped up was the tale of Teri Griege. Her book Powered by Hope is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. She's a stage IV cancer survivor since 2009 and competed at Kona. She overcame my exact diagnosis and is still spreading hope.

I'm not a religious person but I am spiritual and the fact that this phone call and tweet came when I've been at my absolute lowest speak to me that this is certainly not the end. Rather, it's a new beginning. It's going to mean a disruption to our family situation but not one that we can't deal with. I'll get to spend more time with my children and Kim will be given a push to get an Ed degree and take steps toward going back to work.

My Dad was the absolute best example of what can be accomplished if you just roll with the punches and I'm so glad I was shown how to deal with these situations by him. Like Dad always said, "life's not fair" and  "there is no sense getting upset over that which you have no control." I could throw a fit (I did a little bit in the van) and be bummed out but it won't get me anywhere. Instead, I'm going to focus on my other positive outlets and go from there.

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