Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Spreading the Word

Now that my new reality is setting in I'm excited to enter into the next adventure. Being out of the classroom means that I have time to devote to spreading the word about cancer screening and prevention.

I am writing this blog as more of an advertisement than a blog so I apologize for that but I really want to get out and start talking to people about the importance of screening for various cancers. I was foolish and did not get my regular check ups and ignored some signs that may have been able to prevent my cancer from spreading.

As a teacher I'm an experienced public speaker and my presentations to different groups have received incredible feedback. I manage to weave comedy into some pretty heavy topics and this breaks down people's walls and allows the more important message to come through.
This summer I will be exhibiting at a number of endurance races across Canada spreading this message. I chose these races because typically this population is not the one to get their screening done. It is a self-selected group of healthy people and thus they don't get secondary illnesses that would lead to an "accidental" cancer discovery.

This #cancercanthackett tour is backed by the Alberta Cancer foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society and promises to reach tens of thousands of people. 
If you want me to come and speak to your group or attend your race please contact me through my website.

Additionally, I am looking for sponsors for the tour. All sponsors will get their logo on my uniform, website,  print media ,and banners.


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